Neuheit: eScooter mit herausnehmbarer Batterie


1. The battery can be freely removed and replaced at any time. Increased battery life and easy transportation

2. Aluminum alloy pole-mounted battery, good safety and waterproof

3. LCD display dial Smart travel

4. Three types of brakes (foot brakes, disc brakes, electronic brakes)

5. Exquisite bells, flexible and loud

6. Third gear acceleration top speed 32KM

7. The pole is stable and does not shake.

8. Folding locks are made of pure steel and are not deformed

9. Built-in spring wire design is not easy to damage

10. The pedal flow line is designed in one piece, and the riding stability is up to 800KG.

11. Chassis 12.5CM, high off-road performance (millet 9CM)

12. When the brakes are flashing, the taillights flash red safety light design

13. The handle can be removed to reduce the package size


669,00 €

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